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Persistant Cough for Twenty Years

My Journey with Rheumatoid arthritis

Back to Health After Two Weeks of Intestinal Pain

Back Pain & Fertility:

I have been seeing Anat for acupuncture treatments over the past ten years for various chronic pain conditions. Anat had not only assisted me to heal physically, but has also helped me to learn not to let my pain consume me and encourage me to live a healthy lifestyle despite my pain. She has supported me both physically and emotionally through many flare-ups over the years and has always helped me to move forward. Most recently, Anat treated me for fertility after I tried to conceive on my own for several months. After just one acupuncture treatment, I was able to successfully become pregnant. I am so incredibly grateful to Anat and highly recommend her!

M.A- Westchester, NY - 2018


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