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For Women Who Are Currently Pregnant

Acupuncture is very effective is treating morning sickness, back pain, sciatica, and anxiety.

Breech presentation
Moxibustion (warming herbs) technique is used to warm and thereby stimulate specific acupuncture points. For best results moxibustion should be used between week 33 and 35 of gestation.

Normally the fetus will be in cephalic (head down) position by week 28 if all progresses well. Between week 29 and 32, 15% of babies will be breech. Breech presentation means that the head of the baby is not in a head down position. There are several types of breech presentation.

If you are experiencing breech presentation you can schedule an appointment with your partner to learn how to apply moxibustion at home.

Labor Induction
If you are close to your due date or already past your due date acupuncture can be used to help induce labor. Several treatments may be needed. Acupuncture induction is preferable to medical induction using pitocin (the hormone used to induce labor).

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